Excuse Me, Mr. Vincent…

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Dear Mr. Vincent,

  Here at OnOneOnline.com/OnOneOnlinesBlog.wordpress.com, we would just like to urge you to not let this ridiculous bullshit, in any way change the path you are on.  This little podcaster is just really trying to make a name for himself off of you, and your fame.    You know this, we know you do.  We just feel that since our team calls themselves “REAL FANS” of VV,  that it was almost our duty to point out a few things here real quickly:

  We were in line in GA, for the Expo; in line for at least 8 hours (not even kidding!), with many VV fans.  Right in front of us the entire day was an aging, very well fed guy and his axl rose wannabe partner who was so drunk he had to be told to get his shit together more than once, by more than one person.  The first one, Chris from Decibel Dick and #2, his partner Aaron Camaro. 

  Chris stood at the table to get his autographs, kissing VV’s ass and licking his nuts, all the while plugging his fucking podcast.  (sounds like you’re trying to make a name for yourself off of VV’s fame)  

  VV didn’t go there to get a million people plugging their own shit.  We went to see him and celebrate what he has done musically for us, the fans.  It was a KISS Expo ft VV not Chris the Decibel Dick and Axl Daisy.

  At no point did Chris walk up to VV and say “Hey Vinnie, my name is Chris my ranking is so high I am Vinnie’s Tupperware Assistant.”  He knew it wasn’t funny and crossed a line.   You can argue that the ranking was not in Chris’ realm of control.  Right, but subscribing to a site that feels it is ok and funny to use that as anything was 100% in his control.  That is not being a fan or supporting that artist in any way.

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As far as this Nashville business, there was never a contract so when VV pulled out, that should have been the end of that.  But no, Chris needed to try and not look like the douche he is, and play it off like VV was assaulting the fans in some way and he stood up for them.  VV was the only one that was truly done wrong.  He was misled by what he believed was a genuine fan.  He is a very genuine man himself and made the mistake of thinking that Chris was as well.  

Next up,  on the matter of VV’s sexality or preferences…. 

A. He plays guitar.  It has no bearing on his guitar playing ability.  He isn’t walking around with a dick in his mouth is he?

B. IT’S NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!  No one comes to your place of business and says, “Hey before i decide to patron this establishment, can you tell me, are you a fag or tranny?”  If that happened, well let’s just say it won’t happen.

C. He was in KISS, the whole band has single handedly kept the clown makeup business afloat.  Even when they took off the makeup, they were wearing more than any woman.  Why didn’t everyone jump their shit about whether they were sucking dick or not.  I have seen some very questionable photos of those men doing things not many people would call “straight.”

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So in closing, Mr. Vinnie Vincent, Sir, we would like to say we are so sorry that these fools don’t have any shred of human decency inside deep anywhere in them.  You are loved, and the “REAL TRUE FANS” will always be here supporting, defending and lovingly awaiting whatever you do next, no matter what you look like because that isn’t what made us love you in the first place!  Please don’t let this problem be an end to your return to the spotlight.  Prove them all wrong again.  You deserve it and we are anxiously craving it.  Look what we have to deal with, we need you back Vinnie!  Warriors don’t stop until they are killed, and you are from from dead!!!!

  We love you Vinnie! Don’t run away again, don’t give them that power!



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Misc. FB comments for ya VV!


Robert Brodsky Jr I have no hate for Vinnie. I don’t care about the drama at all. It’s actually fun sometimes to read about it. All I wanted was NEW MUSIC! Other than that I’m fine with Mr. Vincent.

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