Clothes By Manson?



Look at Johnny Depp’s sleeves….  I think maybe I missed an announcement somewhere at some point.  When did Marilyn Manson become a featured artist at

killstar mmc50percent



Featured Womans 



Featured Mens


It isn’t exactly a secret that Johnny and Marilyn are quite close.  Just how close you may ask?  I don’t know, but if they ever need a camera man or an extra set of hands, they know where I am!  But He clearly had a hand in the white button down dress shirt, sleeves adorned with copies of Mansons own personal arm tattoos!  Fucking wicked… But couldn’t find it on the site. WTF?  

At any rate, head over to KILLSTAR for some wicked attire, featuring Marilyn Manson apparently! 


Say 10 jdmm50pUntitled-150p

Back to the clothes… Fuck yeah! This stuff looks great and seems to be prices pretty well.  Can’t wait to see if Manson will try his hand in any other fashion outlets?  Let’s hope so!

Check out Marylin Mansonmm-image-d1

and Johnny Depp with Hollywood Vampires


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