Lizzy Borden – My Midnight Things



    Lizzy Borden showed up to his Las Vegas album release party for ‘My Midnight Things’, looking like a true master of disguise, he dressed to kill! 


01. My Midnight Things (00:00)
02. Obsessed with You (04:21)
03. Long May They Haunt Us (8:56)
04. The Scar Across My Heart (13:29)
05. A Stranger to Love (18:01)
06. The Perfect Poison (21:33)
07. Run Away with Me (26:27)
08. Our Love Is God (30:54)
09. My Midnight Things [Reprise] (33:46)
10. We Belong to the Shadows (37:35)
Bonus Tracks
11. Long May They Haunt Us [Reprise] (41:14)
12. Silent Night (46:00)
13. Waiting in the Wings [2018] (48:15)


  “My Midnight Things,” is the first release in 11 years for Lizzy.  The album was mixed by Greg Fidelman (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Adele, U2) and mastered by Tom Baker (David Bowie, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Tom Petty).   

   As a long time fan of Lizzy Borden, solo and as a band, I refuse to give a bad review.  Let me say that I was really very excited for the first new music in 11 years to finally come out.  That being said, I am in a weird situation with “My Midnight Things.” 


    I love everything Lizzy has done.  My favorites would be: “Love Is A Crime,”  “Master Of Disguise,”  “Visual Lies,”  “Notorious,”  “Under Your Skin,”  “American Metal,”  “Live Forever,”  “The Death Of Love,”  “Tomorrow Never Comes,” “Abnormal,” (I could go on for days and list every song off eight releases spanning their 33 year long reign, I won’t, but I could.)  Point being, that Lizzy has always had a sort of, in my opinion, with every song there is a kind of grand entrance, if you will. Lizzy has a very powerful vocal styling that I feel got lost in “My Midnight Things.”  Lizzy brings a very unique blend of sound and theatrical brilliance with his music, has since the very beginning. 

   Many of the songs on this new release feel like they are almost re-do’s of past greats.  “My Midnight Things” almost feels like an updated version of the already amazing “Voyeur.”  I think I may have heard a bit of updating on “Don’t Touch Me There” in “Obsessed With You.”   

   At this point, I am on about my fifth time around listening to “My Midnight Things” and as I expected, the songs are growing on me rapidly.  So that is a good sign, since my initial feelings of not hearing what I have come to expect and love from a Lizzy album.   

  With music in its current state, not a lot of bad ass great metal, like in the days of old, I really was looking forward to at some, dark and sexy guitars, paired with that unmistakable piercing voice, the type that commands you to sit up and listen,  to soothe my musical soul.  But, I felt that these new songs are such a step in a direction that was unexpected by me.  I feel like, you know how Motley Crue sounded better before the polished sound was done with their sound?  Yeah, same thing happened here I think.  That doesn’t mean it is not good.  By all means, it is very good.  I just wanted to hear the Lizzy that I fell in love with throughout the years.  This feels like someone is trying to control and change something that needs no improvement!  Don’t fuck with perfection!

He is the Master of Disguise after all.

Click below to check out the new video and single from “My Midnight Things” 

Long May They Haunt Us




The new album can be ordered here:   iTunes, spotify.  

  So, in closing, “My Midnight Things” is going to be a nice addition to the Lizzy catalog, but as of yet, I don’t think it is in my top picks if you want Lizzy to “Get Under Your Skin!” 

  What we really want to know is, when is @realLizzyBorden gonna tour????

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