Today’s Twitter Twittings

Today around the Twitter Hole:

Watching the ⁦⁩ on ⁦⁩ & spot a dude in the stands wearing an ⁦⁩ war dance beer shirt ⁦

If you’re ever feeling unloved and down just remember that Satan loves you no matter what

This drink tastes like I’ll be flashing my boobs if I have another one

You’re never too important to be nice to people.

Being an adult involves a lot more weeping than I thought it would.

Stormy Daniels Retweeted The Real Very Frank

Funny. My bank account and trophy case say differently.

Stormy Daniels added,

Ever have a fart so good that you wish you could have caught it on audio I mean what’s up twitter

Preconceived notions are for assholes. There. I said it.

Look! If I send you a song, it’s because I like said song, and I thought you would too! Settle down

2 types of people in this world: – Ppl that sing along to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – Ppl I’ll never have sex with

If you’re interested in someone and you see your homie is cool with them, never ask about their history. Me personally? I’ll never tell you shit cuz I’m a real one.. but I can’t promise I won’t just start laughing wild sinister style like Vincent Price at the end of “Thriller”.

If your plan A doesn’t work, don’t sweat it. The alphabet has 25 more letters.

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