Black Lamb

S. M. W.-OnOne-


In 2002, in Commerce City, Colorado, BLACK LAMB was born….  With their ep/cp, The Low Road, Black Lamb became the unofficial but undisputed emissaries of riff-rock in the region and the go-to guys for most of the stoner, rocker, doom and sludge bands that passed through.  We had a few minutes with the guys from BL to see what they have been working on.  So as they say, turn it up, drop out and enjoy . . .this is Commerce City Soul Music, this is Rock and Roll, this is Black Lamb!

OO: What projects are you currently involved with?

BL: (Hagman): Black Lamb, Il Cattivo would still be the most current endeavors. I’m also trying to make a place to realize some other songs/ ideas I’ve had kicking around. I’ve got a lot under the working title; Sanguis Caligulum that is all about bombast and harks back to that prescient time in punk, right before hardcore and metal really were married publicly . I’d like to channel the vibe of Bad Brains “Pay to Cum”, Cro-Mags “World Peace”, Agnostic Front “Victim in Pain”, Dr. Know “Watch it Burn” , Pre-Henry Black Flag… That adrenalized, anthemic, bombastic, controlled chaos. Before the rheumatiz set in on my old ass…ha… I also have a bunch of pop songs fitting somewhere between Prince, Lana Del Rey,  Nick Cave and Pink that I’m working on as I answer here… Interested co-defendants welcome!

OO: What would be your ‘Dream Project’ or have you already been able to do your ‘Dream Project’?

BL: (Hagman): I’d say doing music with all the folks I’ve been fortunate enough to know has been more than I could’ve hoped for… My dream would be enough dough to go around, that we could do music however and whenever we wanted.

OO: What is your signature ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the other artists out there today?

BL: (Hagman): I can’t speak to what goes on with other folks who play music. I do know we are the genuine article… Fans first, and we love songs all day long.

OO: Describe the writing and recording process you go through.

BL: (Hagman): I’ve been very lucky; it’s not much of a process. Ideas just come in from seeds blown in by influences, experiences, chemistry, and whoever brings the seed lets the rest add and amend until it’s a song. Recording is usually kept as brief and uncontrived as we can make it. We rarely move to record anything without the songs and their arrangements pretty set. Partially because of time and budget constraints, and partially to keep as much of the life and urgency in the songs as is intended.

OO: For those who haven’t heard your music, can you describe your sound in 4 words?

BL: (Hagman): Heavy, Soulful, Visceral… three ought a do it!

OO: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?  Do you have a website with a sample?

BL: (Hagman):












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