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Lola Black is comprised of musicians that have been making noise on the scene for the better part of a decade, including former members of Blister 66, Eight Bucks Experiment, Snapstick Dynomite, and Misunderstood.

With Lola herself on vocals, Chris “Crispy” Dellinger and Birdz on guitars, Yosh on the bass, and Ryan O Skate banging drums, you are sure to end up a part of The Borracho Drinking Team-that is the name given to their ever so cherished fans-even if you are only drinking a coke.  Love HER or HATE THEM, Lola Black is a band that you will not soon forget!

The instant that Lola walks out on stage, you begin to understand that sugar, spice, and everything nice were never things she was made of.  Her 5’4″ Spanish frame is all titt’s, tatt’s, and everything black.

“We want to take the world by storm,” says Lola.  “We’ll dick your ass and you’ll like us, damnit.”

I got to sit down with the members of Lola Black when they recently played The Marquis Theatre with Rehab and The Moonshine Bandits.  Backstage with Crispy Chris, Yosh, Skate, and Lola herself, we chatted like old drinking buddies about Lola wanting to open a boutique here in Denver that sells all of the clothing she is seen wearing, most of which Lola makes.  “Each piece is one of a kind. All of the hair-pieces, a lot of the dresses, and tops. I also make most of the jewelry too.”  Lola also stated that the boutique will also sell brands like Lip Service, as well as many of the fantastic brands now found only in places like Fashion Nation, Raves Oh My Goth,, Demonia Boots, Deadly Dames, and Lip Service.

I asked the band how it feels to see themselves on magazine covers and to hear themselves on the radio.

“It’s kind of weird. I feel truly blessed and grateful.  It’s exciting to be able to touch people on that level.  Honestly, it is pure fucking bliss!  I can’t describe that feeling.  I can’t put it to words how amazing it feels to just go out there and feel so loved and to feel the support.  There’s a lot of kids who look up to us and that really take a lot of the songs that we sing very seriously.  Like songs that help them through tough times at school, or when they are mad at their parents or whatever.  That’s exactly how I always felt growing up.  I honestly get very emotional when I go onstage.  I really feel the songs and I know that the kids feel them too.  I see their faces, like, that used to be me.  When I was a kid, I was always at shows, always.  I would run away to go to shows if my mom wouldn’t let me go.  I was always in the crowd saying that is gonna be me one day.  I felt at home, like I belonged somewhere.  So I wanna give that back.  It just feels so good when you’ve been a fan your whole life and now you are actually up there doing it.  You’re like, holy shit, like, I’m here!”-Lola

“We don’t deserve it, we love it!  I think that a lot of bands get famous and just do whatever they want.  Like they are too cool for school-Fuck that shit!”-Ryan O Skate

“It’s surreal, kind of hard to believe.”-Yosh

Lola Black may look like an overnight success, but in all reality, they have been working hard to get their name out there for about five years now.  “The thing is, it’s just longevity.  Just don’t quit.  It’s like if we put out and album that hits and gonna be like this overnight sensation that took like seven or eight years, as Lola Black.  Just don’t quit, you gotta keep pounding it and pounding it.  Then people will start to know your name.  The first summer we played, we played every night, everywhere we could so that people would see us.  Now we tour and do whatever we have to in order to get people to hear us.”-Chris “Crispy” Dellinger

“People say overnight success?  That’s the longest night of my life, a seven year night.”-Yosh

“Allow yourself time and space to grow as an artist.”-Lola

“The whole thing about this band, to be quite honest for me, I’ve known Chris since I was like 18 years old and Paige since like 18 or 19,”-Yosh

“They are all my children.”-Chris

“But when I joined the band I wasn’t like looking to be like this is the #1 band that’s gonna happen.  I actually joined the band because I had played with Chris and had not played with Paige.  I was really happy to play with these guys and with Lo and everybody.  It was cool, you know what I mean.  Annie’s my boss at work.”-Yosh

“At 15 years old I was a fan of Misunderstood.”-Lola

Lola Black is getting quite a bit of notice these days with magazine covers to shout outs from Nikki Sixx on air on Sixx Sense Radio and here in Denver, Colorado.  I asked them what they would say to other struggling bands out there, “Just keep playing. Never turn down gigs, nothing is too small. It all gets you heard by someone!”

“We are all veterans in the music biz, but as Lola Black we have already been around for five years.  We are just now starting to get a little more recognition due to the hard work and us never giving up.”-Chris ‘Crispy’ Dellinger

Looks like there is more in store for all of Lola’s fans than we thought!  Keep an eye out for what’s next from Denver, CO.’s own Lola Black.

Lola Black would like to thank:

Mantra Tattoo              Ben @ Super Screen Print             the KBPI Family        Peter-booking

Fashion Nation                        Bender’s Family                       3 King’s Family                        Luke, Mamma, Rev

Charlie Rips  Space Blues        and You for being supportive, amazing fans!


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