Mitch Harris – NAPALM DEATH

S. M. W. – OnOne


            Guitarist and songwriter for the death metal band NAPALM DEATH, Mitch Harris, was kind enough to take time out of his increasingly busy day to sit down via telephone, and give On One Online the exclusive first interview for their newest album, UTILITARIAN.

            UTILITARIAN is the fifteenth studio release for NAPALM DEATH. 

            Early last year, NAPALM DEATH had fulfilled their contract with Century Media Records, and were not signed to any label.  However, as often does happen, the creative juices within NAPALM DEATH kept flowing, contract or no contract. 

            So began the process of writing and recording some twenty new stellar metal tracks!  Sometime during that rigorous process,  Century Media Records got a listen to a few tracks and re-signed NAPALM DEATH! 


            Recording and mixing was done a little bit differently this time around with the members of the band almost never sitting in the same place at the same time!  The NAPALM DEATH guys really took their work home with them….  Each respective member putting their two cents in from home, then sending it all into the mixers back at the studio.

            Mitch Harris told On One Online, that he wrote two tracks this time around and that he always tries to get in at least two each album.  Also, he stated that the new album deals alot with the things going on around us in the world, such as the natural disaters, global warming, nuclear disasters and their effects on the world as we know it.

Mitch and NAPALM DEATH are going to be setting out on a pretty large scale tour spanning Canada all the way to Seoul, Korea.  NAPALM DEATH hasn’t played in Canada in about ten years, and in Korea about twenty years!  The guys are all very anxious and excited to visit venues and fans of the past and future!

OOO: Have you ever been disappointed with a final NAPALM DEATH recording that ended up released?

MH: “Yes, actually I have.  Sometimes I’m not exactly pleased by how dark and heavy my sound is, like I was going for a lighter tone.  But it’s not like I hear it and go ‘Oh wow, I hate this shit!'”

OOO: What would you like to say to our readers about the new album’s sound and maybe just an overall point of view from the band or yourself?

MH: “I’m pretty confident that there will be an overall enjoyment of it.  But for those who don’t like the sound of NAPALM DEATH this time around, then ‘FUCK IT!’  Go back to the same old N.D. tracks you always listen to.  We’ve been doing this long enough to know what will work.  This one’s for us kind of, because if the world was going to end soon; (as we’ve been hearing it may lately,) we wanted to get out as much of what we did before we could be done forever.  I mean it could be our last chance to share our music that we have all been so passionate about creating all these years.”


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