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For over two decades now, the underground hip-hop world has been blessed to witness the talented Boston native,  Jaysaun.  Jausaun has been displaying his craft as part of a number of groups including Gangstarr,  Kreators, Special Teamz with Edo G. and Slaine of La Coka Nostra as well as a few solo albums.  Jaysaun was first introduced to hip-hop by his older cousin Top who was part of Inner Circle Posse along with DJ Pemiere.


Jaysaun keeps busy working; he just finished a video with fellow D.M.S. Crew: Legendary Clique brothers Freddy Madball and Hoya Roc of Madball fame at Webster Hall in New York titled “3 Letters.”  He told us about the possibility of an upcoming album from him, Freddy and Hoya as well.  On his latest solo album ‘Game of Breath’, the final track produced by DJ Revolution titled ‘UFC Team Florian’ has become the theme song for UFC fighter Kenny Florian, also a Boston native.


OOO: What is the biggest challenge as an MC?

Jaysaun: “The biggest challenge as an mc is to keep pushing forward whether you know if it’s gonna work out.  If you quit right off the rip, you’re a done deal or if the game beats you and quit, you’re still a done deal.  I have probably quit ten times at least over the years but I keep coming back to it. It’s my passion.”


OOO: What is Special Teamz up to these days?

Jaysaun: “We’re all doing positive shit and at the end of the day those niggas feed me to keep me going.” On Slaine and Edo G.

OOO: What do you hope your legacy in the hip-hop industry will reflect about you?

Jaysaun: “I know as far as Bean Town goes, that I have a legendary status, but at the end of the day I wanna be known everywhere for my skills at my craft.”


OOO: What do you think of today’s hip-hop artists?

Jaysaun: “Being as it’s all watered down and fucked up.  Motherfuckers wouldn’t know real hip-hop if it punched em in the head because they make fucking happy dappy songs with the ‘shake your ass, suck a dick, and stretch my mouth out’ and all that bullshit.  The fact that we’re all still pioneering the sound and not straying from it is what keeps me motivated.  Stay true to your craft.”

On top of the solo records and collaborations he’s been working on, he has bought a recording studio in Boston with long-time partner, brother, and friend, Slaine.  Echo Records is the name and you can check them out here at www.echoecho.us .   Here is Echo’s mission statement:

An echo is a powerful thing. Breaking down walls and barriers as it vibrates through society.

Affecting everything it touches. And it carries with it a piece of your soul.

Captured. Documented.

Releasing a single sound has consequences.

When felt, it has the power to change how we experience

the world around us. It lives free, and beyond all comprehension.

It is impossible to explain in words. The best we can do to capture it’s power is to transfer

the intangibility of raw performance into documented work.

Audio recording is an art form of reflection.

It must respect and honor the power of creative flow.

It must document and visualize pure energy. It must translate the source to the audience.

It must break down misunderstandings. It must provide answers.

It must influence culture. It must feel good.

An audio recording of any kind is an echo. Of it’s source, it’s birthplace, itself.

We are the bearers of record. We are the pioneers

of memory. We are the believers in forever. We send

and receive intangible signals. And then we export

them onto your hard drive.

From the lyrics in his songs, you can hear how the road to achievement has been less than easy, but it is those same trials and tribulations have propelled this Bean Town kid into the hip-hop history books proving that “He’s A Playa for Life.”

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