Frankie Ferraro  a.k.a. GRIZZ ROCK


FRANKIE FERRARO a.k.a. GRIZZ ROCK, has been climbing to the top of the underground rock and rap scene for a while now. He’s part of the legendary Ruff Ryders crew (DMX, SWIZZ BEATZ) as well as THE SHOTBLOCKERS along with DANNY DIABLO.  FRANKIE sure knows how to meld rock and rap into an explosive combination. “Mental Abuse” contains seventy minutes of music chronicling the ups and downs of life….

Never one to shy away from a hard day’s work FRANKIE has projects entitled: KAOS 13 – a hardcore rock-rap project together with DANNY DIABLO and his next full length album called “NEW YORK STATE OF MIND VOL. 2”.


To quote GRIZZ ROCK himself:
“I am an artist who speaks from real life experiences. I live what I talk about so I know you can feel me in your heart. I know you can relate to me because I am just like you. I am your pains your fears your struggles your dreams your desires your anger. I am your voice!!!! I am your brother…My music will be here forever because it’s the truth. And no matter how much time goes by there will always be a struggle. There will always be a new generation walking in my footprints. We all walk through this hell we live in.. We all laugh we all cry.. We all have our ups and downs…So when you’re stressed out, frustrated, hurt, upset, lonely, depressed, and full of energy or smoked up and stuck in a zone turn the volume on your iPod up and listen to my Mental Abuse!!!! I am GRIZZ ROCK. I’m where rap meets rock where the hood meets the burbs. I’m the new sound that music is missing follow my words.”

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 9.45.23 PM

Here is an interview I was so lucky to get with the busy GRIZZ ROCK….  He fit me in during his drive home, via Blu-Tooth, safe driving skills FRANKIE!!!!

GR: “Hold on, I’m gonna actually put you on Blu-Tooth. I’m in the car….Okay,”

”Talk to me Baby!”

OOO: Alright, tell me what prompted you to walk away from the super-successful RUFF-RYDERS label and join up with DANNY DIABLO’S label ILL ROC RECORDS?

GR: “Umm, I had been with RUFF-RYDERS forever.  I’m still family over there and everything, but DANNY was making more of a movement that kinda fit for me.  DANNY’S my brother so I’m gonna ride out with DANNY no matter what.  I like the whole movement, I like the family, the whole circle, it’s just me, and it just fit who I am.”

OOO: Yeah, the whole family is the shit!

GR: Yeah, I mean I been with RUFF-RYDERS forever, but I kinda always been doing my own thing and I was always into the rock field.  Was always more of a hardcore kid or whatever, and the rap thing just kind of worked for me.  And it made sense because I was making with it and I saw ‘Hey this works for me!’


OOO: How did you hook up with DANNY DIABLO?

GR: “Me and D110 grew up together; I’ve known him my whole entire life.  He was always like ‘Come fuck with this….’   So me and DANNY got together to do the KAOS Project, and it was such a good fit.  It kind of was like everything I had been wanting to do, and never really could do.  DANNY thought it out and was like ‘This is the move we’re gonna make.  This is the situation, and this is what we’re gonna do!’  So I’ve been riding with DANNY ever since.  We put that KAOS Project together in like two weeks. He was in N.Y. and then I went out to L.A. and we did like a week in the studio, and then put the album out.  Next time we’re gonna really sit down and write and record the album and I think it’s gonna be something that’s gonna change the face of music.’’

images (1)

OOO: Well since you brought up the KAOS Project, what is the story behind the song’ MISERY’?

GR: ‘The story of ‘MISERY’ is like, life is full of misery, ya know, is there light at the end of the tunnel?  Cause every single day we live in fucking hell.  You know, you just got to live life the best you can and surround yourself with good people.  Kind of make your team your family, and that’s what we do.”

images (2)

OOO: What are your musical influences that brought you to where you are today?

GR: “Mmmm,  I have a weird love for music.  My range is so strong, ya know.  I’m like a CYPRESS HILL, DMX, JAY-Z kid, into like CHEVELLE, I love CHEVELLE, BREAKING BENJAMIN, ya know COLDPLAY type of kid.  I’m a big METALLICA fan.  I love SKARHEAD, CROWN OF THORNS, MADBALL, definitely a big HATEBREED fan.  I’m good friends with JAMI and love his music.  Love MARAUDER, their last album was phenomenal.  I guess I’m all over the board, I guess I’m like a mix between metal, hardcore and rap kind of combined into this one massive animal and that’s where DANNY comes in, and that’s what KAOS 13 is.  We have a little something for everyone.  We have a melodic feel, rap feel, a rock feel, a metal feel and it’s all combined into this one sound, this one massive beast.

OOO: How did you get the name ‘GRIZZ ROCK’?

GR: “When I first started on the scene, nobody knew my name but Jimmy  heard me one night and started calling me ‘THE ITALIAN GRIZZLY BEAR, and the ‘ROCK’ came from me being the only kid on most of those hip hop tours jamming out to SLAYER and METALLICA….  So, that’s how I got the name GRIZZ ROCK.”

OOO: What is the tattoo above your right collarbone of?

GR: “It says,



OOO: Have you ever been star struck?

GR: “No.”

OOO: Really, are you serious, not ever, not even once?

GR: “Okay, you wanna quote me?  Here ya go….

If I ever was stars truck, it would have been by DANNY DIABLO, hahaha….”

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