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-S. M. W. -OnOne-


LORD LOVE HIS UNIVERSAL SELF-SAVIOR—or LORD LHUS has been tearing it up all over the globe with the likes of the SNOWGOONS and AL’TARBA.  LORD LHUS is one of the up and coming stars to watch.  We spoke with him recently and here’s what he had to say!

OO: You having ties to both, the hip hop and hardcore scenes, as well as many other genres as well as other forms of media;   you have been able to see the evolution of the genres joining forces.  Can you talk a little bit about what you have seen and what you think for the future?

Lhus: I think hip hop and all music is taking a fall, the media has turned the people to pussies with all this bullshit “music”… Plus the industry, mainstream and underground (hip hop) is all politics. No one is real anymore in the public eye because being real and saying what you really feel in a music industry will get you black balled because of how sensitive the guys at the top of the pyramid are…

OO: What projects are you currently involved with?

Lhus: I have just dropped 2 mix tapes on my website http://www.lordlhusmusic.com and I will be releasing my next project with East Garden soon this year. We have already released a few videos and leaks. “Ïntërnätïönäl RhÿmZ KönnëcT” an EHW project so expect much multi culture and languages.

OO: What would be your ‘Dream Project’ or have you already been able to do your ‘Dream Project’?

Lhus: My dream project has been done “Acid & Vicious” because honestly Al’tarba is the best music composer in the game right now by a landslide…. But I’d like to work with Onyx.

OO: What is your signature ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the other artists out there today?

Lhus: I don’t give a fuck and say exactly what I think… I also say fuck off about the money because it ruins people… I need some to eat and live but I’m 100% hip hop.


OO: Describe the writing and recording process you go through.

Lhus: I hear a beat and just write. Really simple but in prefer to write in the studio. Best atmosphere for me is at East Garden studio on the 13th floor on Rotterdam.

OO:  Do you have any tattoos?

Lhus: I have no tattoos.

OO: What is your motto in life?

Lhus: “Fuck it; you’re going to die anyway” & “Good Times” (In many languages!)

OO: For those who haven’t heard your music, can you describe your sound in 4 words?

Lhus: Real underground-reality Hip-hop

OO: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?  Do you have a website with a sample?

Lhus: Almost all my albums are free to download on my page;


OO: What message are you trying to send with your music?

Lhus: No message, I just rap about what I have been through in hopes someone can relate and Rock with me.  Every song would have a different message I guess. I do it all from antigovernment shit to porn shit…

OO: Do you still get nervous before a show?  If so, how do you relax?

Lhus: No not at all… Now a days I just wannna finish the show so I can get wasted with the fans that came to see my show… But the weed and Jägermeister helps me out before and after.

OO: What is your favorite club/venue to play live?

Lhus: Coupole in Biel/Bienne Swiss.


OO: What genre do you place yourself in?

Lhus: Hip-Hop but I want to start an outlaw country band on the same lines as “HANK 3” and hopefully collaborate with him also.

OO: What is the most trouble you have ever gotten in thus far in life?

Lhus: I never got caught for anything ha-ha but these days I try and stay outta trouble and focus on my music.

OO: Tell me a little bit about the beat contest you are running on your website.

Lhus: That was just for fun and also something like a talent search. Sandro Purple Green won that contest by the way. Check his beats out!

OO: Explain how your music downloading views are different than a lot of other artists today.

Lhus: I just don’t let a few dollars stop me from wanting to spread my music to everyone; a lot of people cannot get my music in their country so I offer the albums for free. If said listener likes what they hear I’m sure they will support me in other ways.

OO: You posted on Facebook on 02-21-2014:    “Sitting here smoking a nice joint preparing for the show tonight…. Thinking, Wishing I could go back and do a bunch of shit over again.  Life is good though.  YO BRUSSELS!  See you tonight.”    What sorts of things do you reflect on and wish you could go back and do over?

Lhus: A lot of thing but mainly my Snowgoons beef, it’s a long story but I have ended the beef… We both did wrong to each other but one thing I did not understand was there is a big difference between personal shit and business shit. I took a business move personal. I learned te hard way about that but I’d like to say Manuu (Snowgoons) is a good dude and did much for me, just me being so outspoken get me in trouble and shitty things had to happen because I have too much pride.

OO: Can you please explain the beefs?

Lhus: All that Is in the past now. I have no beef.


What is the one thing you wanted as a kid and never got that you would still fork out some dough to get?

Lhus: A drum set.


WEBSITE: http://www.lordlhusmusic.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LordLhus

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lordlhus

MYSPACE: https://myspace.com/lordlhus

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/lordlhus

DISCOGS: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1191407-Lord-Lhus

WIKIPEDIA: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowgoons

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