–MF Ruckus–


Founded in 1997, MF RUCKUS    has been rocking and rolling all over the country.  If you don’t know MF RUCKUS, then please meet them now and be proud of the great local music Colorado has to offer!

OO: What is your signature ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the other artists out there today?

MFR: I think every band is unique, even in some marginal way and at the same time, we’re all totally derivative by nature. That being said, I think our “thing” would be mainlining Viagra and playing our own signature version of “bloody knuckles”.

OO: Describe the writing and recording process you go through.

MFR: We like to be flexible in that regard. Sometimes I’ll have lyrics written or even just a concept in mind, Sometimes one of the guys will have a riff he’s been working on, sometimes we’ll just start fucking around and it turns into a song without any deliberate intention. Some folks put too much thought into songwriting. It ain’t rocket surgery.


OO: For those who haven’t heard your music, can you describe your sound in 4 words?

MFR: Wheel reinvented.  Hubcaps, Stolen.

OO: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?  Do you have a website with a sample?

MFR: WEBSITE: http://www.mfruckus.com

OO: What message are you trying to send with your music?

MFR: We don’t party.


OO: Do you still get nervous before a show?  If so, how do you relax?

MFR: Excited, if anything. It’s gotten to the point now that it just feels natural. I think a lot of seasoned bands will agree that it more a feeling of anxiousness to get on stage. There’s a whole lot of hurry up and wait.

OO: What is your favorite club/venue to play live?

MFR: 3 Kings…Wembley Stadium is a close second.

OO: What genre do you place yourself in?

MFR: We don’t church it up. We just tell people we’re a rock n roll band. It’s all in the facial expression, tone and hand gestures.


OO: What is the most trouble you have ever gotten in thus far in life?

MFR: I just finished 4 years of probation for felony possession of cocaine and DUI. Busted out behind the Gothic Theater as we were loading gear if you can believe that!

OO: What is your motto in life?

MFR: Don’t possess cocaine behind the gothic theater while loading gear or drive under the influence.

OO: Do you have any unusual merchandise?

MFR: We have custom engraved “party mirrors” available on our website. Ya know, for checking your makeup at a party…

OO: When was the first concert you went to?  (Age, who)

MFR: 12? 13? I went and saw Primus on the Punchbowl tour with our bass player and my best friend Logan, his brother Marshall and my Dad who happens to be a Denver Police officer. We all got contact high as fuck.

OO: Which song was the discovering of a whole new genre for you?

MFR: I didn’t get into “the good shit” until my early 20’s to be honest. The first time I heard “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden, I could not stop listening to it. I’ve been obsessed with classic Rock/Metal ever since.

OO: Do you ‘look the part’ for the music you play and listen to?

MFR: I look like a rapist who only rapes other rapists. Like a vigilante rapist raper.  Sooooo ….yes?

OO: Have you ever been ‘star struck’?

MFR: David Patrick Kelly open palm slapped me in a Shoney’s once.

OO: Do you agree that ‘the old days of music’ were better days?

MFR: Nah… There’s never been a better time for music. It’s a matter of sheer numbers and availability of information. When the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. were around, there were thousands of bands, hundreds of radio stations and a handful of TV stations. Now there are MILLIONS of bands and an endless number of portals through which they can be accessed. We’re talking about an exponential rate of creation. There’s a reason that all megastars are complete garbage these days. It’s because we don’t need them. They’re a product. That product fills a need for people who, quite frankly, don’t even LIKE music. They like the identity which surrounds it.

OO: Do you ever quote lyrics from songs?  If so, which ones and why?

MFR: “All my dreams

All my crazy half-assed schemes  Through all my failures, I’ll never learn  And I’ll never lose my desire to burn”  -Hudson Falcons-  I got to play with that band on my first tour when I was still in high school. That song has shaped my path ever since.


OO: How do you feel about cover songs, would you ever do one?  Which one and why?

MFR: We do em all the time. We do Monsters of Mock every year where we do an entire set of songs by a certain band. We’ve done Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Turbonegro and Thin Lizzy. Hope to do DIO this year and maybe Oingo Boingo down the road if I can talk the boys into it.

OO: Which four (4) album covers have in your mind, the absolute best ever album art?

MFR: MF Ruckus – The Dirty Half Dozen

MF Ruckus – Thieves of Thunder

Billy Joel – River of Dreams

Was there a cover for Mick Jagger and David Bowie doing ‘Dancin’ In The Street’?

OO: Who has or had the best stage show and why?

MFR: KISS. Because KISS.


OO: Do you like the stage to be atmospheric, or with a lot of bangs and decoration?  Do those decorations detract from the music?

MFR: I love stage pieces, but none of us are really proficient electricians, engineers or designers. Guess we wasted too much time on that whole “learning to play music” thing. If you know anybody who wants to build us some cool shit, give em my number.

OO: Do you like to observe changes of music style or your favorite band?

MFR: 2 of my favorite bands have been making the same album for decades, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. They’ve struck out roughly 7 out of 10 times, but hey, if you strike out 7 out of 10 times in baseball, they put you in the hall of fame! You’ve got to explore and stretch yourself. That being said, I go out for a gourmet meal once a year tops. I eat a burrito twice a week. Sometimes you just want a good burrito. Nothin fancy. No surprises. Just burrito-y goodness.


OO: Is there a song that you think should be made into a movie?

MFR: One of ours? I actually want to make a rock opera connecting all of the characters in our songs. It’d be about a total wasteoid party animal that ends up becoming the chosen warrior in the biblical apocalypse.

OO: What do you think about groupies?

MFR: Don’t exist anymore except in small towns and sister; let me tell ya, you don’t want none of that crabby, stabby, drippy, droopy nonsense!

OO: What do you think of fan’s tattoos of their favorite bands?

MFR: I’m for it. Although, I’ve seen a lot of bad ones. Saw a guy on the bus with “GODSMACK” across his back. Woof. Another time, on tour, we stayed with a guy who LOVED Queensryche. He was COVERED in Queensryche tattoos. He also had a ferret and lived with his mom in Reno…soooooo….there ya go…

OO: What is your most essential item that you take on the road with you when you tour?

MFR: It’s a kit, actually. It contains baby wipes, a mix of gold bond and baby powder, mouthwash and a .38 with 5 bullets.

OO: Is there such a thing as music being too loud?

MFR: Absolutely. That “all men play at 10” thing is bullshit. Have you ever heard a Marshall JCM TSL at 8? It’s loud as shit! Get a good stage volume and let the front of house sound engineer take care of the rest….wait…I mean…CRANK IT TO 11! STONE DEAF FOREVER! IF IT’S TOO LOUD YOU’RE TOO OLD! ETCETERA!

OO: Have you even seen a band live and had that ruin the band for you?

MFR: Hell no. Terrible bands enhance the show.


Most ________________ song list by you—-

Most sad song — Don’t have one

Most romantic song — Don’t have one

Most angry song — Coffin built for Two

Most energetic song — Balls of Steel

Shittiest song you have ever heard — Anything by Journey

Best song you have ever heard — Anything by Queen

What is the one thing you wanted as a kid and never got that you would still fork out some dough to get?

MFR: I would pay big time loot for a swank ass tree house.  I always wanted one as a kid, but my dad kept explaining to me that we didn’t have a big enough tree. We had all sorts of Aspens, a cherry tree, a black walnut and a Russian olive. All the arbor-philes out there know that these are not good tree-house trees.  That or a time machine.


WEBSITE: http://www.mfruckus.com

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/mfruckus

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mfruckusband

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mf_ruckus

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