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Since 2008, the hardcore underground music scene has been assaulted blow, by devastating blow, by JON ALVINO (VINO), JAY SHEDLIN, NICK JONES, CASSIE BEGAY, and MIKE TULEY of Colorado’s own FINAL BLOW.  We caught up with they guys at 2014’s 4/20 VAPORFEST for a hardcore update.

OO: What projects are you currently involved with?

FB: We just released our second EP titled Final Blow 2014, so right now we’re just promoting it & trying to play as many shows as possible, grow our fan base & spread the word.


OO: Are you touring?

FB: Currently we have no plans for touring. We’re just concentrating on Denver, Colorado & surrounding states. In March of this year we played in Albuquerque NM for the first time sharing the stage with New York hardcore legends Marauder. Also in March we made out third trip up to Cheyenne WY & played a free show at Ernie November record store. Cheyenne is always a great time. Realistically it doesn’t make sense for a small band like us to try & do a big tour. I think that there are so many bands that think “hey we got a van & a demo lets hit the road” meanwhile they don’t have the fan base to back it up.

OO: What would be your ‘Dream Project’ or have you already been able to do your ‘Dream Project’?

FB: It would be great to be signed to one of the legit hardcore labels like Bridge 9 or Reaper records.

OO: What is your signature ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the other artists out there today?

FB: We try to just keep it real & be up-front & on the level at all times. A lot of people will say things to us like “you guys are so angry” just because we play aggressive music with pissed off lyrics, but at the end of the day we’re just having a good time. We played pissed off so we don’t have to be pissed off, it’s a poor man’s therapy like Henry Rollins use to say.

OO: Describe the writing and recording process you go through.

FB: Writing begins with either jay our guitar player or nick our bass player coming up with a riff or maybe it’s something they’ve worked on together & then the song gets built from there. Lyrically I usually use an idea that I’ve already written about, however it’s just not in any kind of song structure. I’m always trying to write about things that are on my mind or ideas that pop into my head & I just go through those journals & find something that fits the music that they’ve written. Recording has always gone smoothly because we’ve only recorded with one engineer, Bart McCorrey at Motaland Studios. Bart has a great ear for our style of music & has been a tremendous help when it comes down to recording.

OO: For those who haven’t heard your music, can you describe your sound in 4 words?

FB: Old school Hardcore

OO: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with a sample?

FB: BANDCAMP: http://finalblow.bandcamp.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/final.blow

OO: Do you still get nervous before a show? If so, how do you relax?

FB: Sometimes & when I do I just follow Paul Bearer from Sheer Terror advice… Drink two beers half hour before you go on stage & you’ll be fine.

OO: What message are you trying to send with your music?

FB: Always watch your back because no matter how many people tell you that they only want the best for you, they’re full of shit! To them you are nothing but another rung on the ladder that they need to climb.

OO: What is the most trouble you have ever gotten in thus far in life?

FB: We’ve got NO conviction & nobody saw nothing!

OO: What is your favorite club/venue to play live?

FB: Really I don’t think there’s been a place where we’ve played that we didn’t have a good time, whether it’s a DIY garage show or a club or theater we’re gonna go off & have a good time. The Record store we played in Cheyenne recently was a blast the place was packed & these kids went off & that energy just helps motivate us more, I mean some kid did a back flip in the pit at that show it was awesome!

OO: What is the hardest part about being in a band trying to make it big? Do you have any advice for bands trying to make it big?

FB: Well I’m not sure our goal is to “make it Big” but it would be nice for this thing to be self-sustaining & not something that more times than not we are losing money doing it. As Far as advice I’d say being in a band is like being married to three other people at the same time it’s a team. & it takes sacrifice, time away from your friends, your family, and your job. So if you’re serious about it, then be prepared to make that sacrifice. Or you cannot take it seriously & think it’s all about partying & getting pussy but you’ll just end up like every other weekend warrior jerk off that came before you, sitting around crying in your beer talking about the old days.

OO: What is your motto in life?

FB: If you’re going to do something, do it with all the passion in the world give it all you’ve got! Be undeniable & never quit! DEATH OR VICTORY!

OO: You having ties to both, the hip hop and hardcore scenes, as well as many other genres as well as other forms of media; you have been able to see the evolution of the genres joining forces. Can you talk a little bit about what you have seen and what you think for the future?

FB: When it comes to different types of music coming together & people from different scenes coming together it’s amazing, i think the majority of us get into heavy music or into music that isn’t the norm because we’ve grown up outcasts that are just looking for a place to belong. As far as Hip Hop & hardcore being similar scenes it stands to reasoned they both started roughly at the same time in the late 70’s early 80′ & they’re both styles of music which literally came from the streets & to this day if you look for the true shit out there the music is still filled with a sort of street level honesty.

OO: Do you have any tattoos?

FB: I’ll get back to you on this

What is the one thing you wanted as a kid and never got that you would still fork out some dough to get?

FB: The GI Joe with the Kung-Fu grip… I had the bad ass Evil Kinevil motorcycle but it still never filled that hole… (Sorry i didn’t really want to answer that I have to keep some things to myself)


REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/finalblow

BANDCAMP: https://finalblow.bandcamp.com

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/finalblowdenver

MYSPACE: https://myspace.com/finalblowhardcore

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