Terry Butler – OBITUARY


You may know Terry Butler of the death metal band OBITUARY and MASSACRE, and formerly of SIX FEET UNDER, and DEAT, but OneOne caught up with the man himself recently.

OOO: Tell me about your quitting SIX FEET UNDER and joining OBITUARY.

TB: “About a year before quitting SIX FEET UNDER, I was helping OBITUARY out.  Frank had left the band for one reason or another, I’m not exactly clear on the circumstances surrounding his departure, and the guys called me and said that they had some dates lined up, and were wondering if I wanted to help them out.  I said absolutely!

I’ve known those guys for a really long time, we kind of grew up together so it was familiar people to be working with and plus the music, I was already familiar with.  So when I quit SIX FEET UNDER, I was already in OBITUARY and said to them, ‘I’d like to offer my services full time to you…. I just quit SIX FEET!’

They said ‘Sure!'”

OOO: Do you have any side projects that you are working on right now and want to talk about?

TB: “I’ve got DENIAL FIEND-we’ve got 2 albums out now.  We’ve got BLAINE COOK from THE ACCUSED, ROB RAMPY from D.R.I., SAMMY WILLIAMS from DOWN BY LAW and PSUEDO-HEROES.  It’s actually SAMMY’S project, but I kind of joined with him at the same time.

We’re pretty underground at the moment, on a real small label, IBEX MOON RECORDS-JOHN McENTEE from INCANTAION, and we’re just trying to get some legs under us and get going you know?

Plus, we recently resurrected MASSARCRE from the dead.  We just played ‘THE 70,000 TONS OF METAL CRUISE’ and we’ve got some dates lined up in Europe, so we are pretty busy.”

OOO: Do you want to tell me a little bit about the ‘METAL CRUISE’ you just finished up?

TB: “Yeah!  It was amazing!  2,000 fans and 40 band from sunrise to sunset.  It’s just killer music and drinking.

You know what’s cool about it is if you were at a festival, you would have to walk from stage to stage in the heat, possibly far.  At ‘METAL CRUISE’ your cabin is mere feet from the show, so you can hang out in the a/c on a comfy bed until the bands you want to see are playing.  So it’s a really cool concept.  I would recommend anyone go if given the chance!”

OOO: I hear that OBITUARY has a new album due out this year?

TB: “Yeah, we are writing songs now.  We already have like three done so far.  We’re gonna try and hurry and get it done and out to the fans as soon as we can but it will probably be in the later part of the year.

We’re gonna hit the festival scene here in June in Europe and South America, so we are gonna be pretty busy.”

OOO: What do you say to the statement that you guys are ‘pioneers of death metal’?

TB: “For one, I’m pretty fortunate being in all of the bands that I’ve been in, and in music in general.  It’s been a wild ride!”

OOO: Well that’s it for my questions, is there anything else you want to add Terry?

TB: “Yeah, MASSACRE is going to do some shows in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the album ‘FROM BEYOND’.  We’ve got a tour set up in Europe in October and we’re going to try and hook up with some festivals and get a new album out.  The response has been amazing.  On the cruise we played a new MASSACRE song for the first time live too!”


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