Social Distortion’s Mike Ness Punches an Out-of-Line Trump supporter Twice—

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This is one version of the story, but as we all know there are always three sides to every story; side a, side b, and the truth…. That being said, here is either a or b, doesn’t really matter which one.

I have a few items to discuss with the so called “victim”:

Point 1) Why did you go to a punk show if you are a Trump supporter?

Point 2) Why did you go see a band known for making political statements and for being very outspoken on their views, if you didn’t share those views?

Point 3) Do you feel better now?  You got your name in the papers by getting a rise out of a highly respected artist,  in what was to be a place of like minded people sharing their views through the art of music, and now that footage came out revealing how restrained Mr. Ness was and how blocked by security you were, you sir, now look like a BITCH!!!!

Long Live Mike Ness


Here’s the story of a gigantic fool who thinks there’s some kind of demarcation between punk and politics. Tim Hildebrand, a Trump-supporting farmer, was shocked, apparently, to learn that Social Disortion’s Mike Ness, a 40-year vet of the punk scene, was critical of right-leaning politicians. After Ness trashed our president onstage at a July 17th…

via Social Distortion’s Mike Ness beat the shit out of a Trump supporter — Consequence of Sound

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