Vinnie Paz The Pain Collector – Track Listing Released!


Legendary hip hop artist Vinnie Paz, is set to drop his latest release, The Pain Collector on September 28, 2018.  Most likely out on Enemy Soil, Paz being the label CEO and all.

Track Listing is as follows:

2018-08-21 17_21_53-Greenshot

  1. Shiva Rituals

  2. Necklace of Heads

  3. Gasmask

  4. Sundae Bloody Sundae

  5. Jail Cell Recipes

  6. Tongan Death Grip

  7. God’s Shadow

  8. DualTow Night Eafle

  9. Blood on My Hands

  10. Floating Goat

  11. Byzantine Jewelry

  12. Requiem for Black Benjy in 2 Parts

  13. Pray for Sleep

  14. HaShem on a Pentagram

  15. Masked Stickups

  16. Hollow Light Severed Sun

  17. Cold in Philadelphia

  18. Gracious

  19. A Power Governments Cannot Suppress


Also, Paz has unveiled the cover art for The Pain Collector:


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