Resting Famously In September

Here we are honoring our “Fallen Brothers” – (Kreator) that have passed in the month of September.


Warren Zevon:  09-07-2003  56 years old

Keith Moon/The Who:  09-07-1978  32 years old

Peter Tosh:  09-11-1987  42 years old

Johnny Cash:  09-12-2003  71 years old



Richard Wright:/Pink Floyd  09-15-2008  65 years old

Johnny Ramone/The Ramones:  09-15-2004  55 years old



Marc Bolan/T. Rex:  09-16-1977  29 years old

Jimi Hendrix:  09-18-1970  27 years old



Gram Parsons:  09-19-1973  26 years old

Jim Croce:  09-20-1973  30 years old

Jaco Pastorius/Weather Report; Blood, Sweat, and Tears:  09-21-1987  35 years old


John Bonham/Led Zeppelin:  09-25-1980  32 years old

Robert Palmer:  09-26-2003  54 years old

Cliff Burton/Metallica:  09-27-1986  24 years old



Miles Davis:  09-28-1991  65 years old

Mary Ford:  09-30-1977  53 years old

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