You Bought What?!?!

Music memorabilia is always a hot item among music fans and some people will pay crazy amounts just for a little bit of the rock ‘ n roll glitz and glamour!  Here we will check out a few of the more pricey and some of the cheaper bits of music history!

Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test

Yes, Britney Spears’ gum was auctioned of on ebay for $14,000 and that was weird enough. But this? Just plain Ewww. A pregnancy test, allegedly peed upon by Britney, was obtained by a Canadian radio station. It was supposedly found in the wastebasket in a room of the hotel she was staying at with then-husband Kevin Federline. The test sold for $5001, which went to charity – no word on if it was positive or negative, but shortly thereafter Britney announced she was pregnant. Oops!

Pharrell Williams’ Hat

You know what would make me “Happy?” Having $44,100 to spend on a hat at an auction. The 40-year-old singer auctioned the Buffalo hat that he wore to the Grammys on eBay as a fundraiser for his charity for at-risk teens, One Hand to Another, so it’s actually a pretty cool story. The plot twist, though? The fast-food chain Arby’s was the buyer. Seems they could have used that money to get a less-creepy guy to voiceover their commercials.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Proving that Justin Bieber can sell anything, a lock of his hair was put in a box, signed, placed on eBay, and sold for more than $40,000 within a few days. On a really cool note, the entire sum was donated to animal rescue organization,The Gentle Barn Foundation, per Ellen DeGeneres, who organized it on her show. No word if 40,000 teenage girls all chipped in $1 or if it was just one adult super fan. I’m not sure which would be more unsettling.bieberhair_copy

Timberlake’s Toast

I prefer to think of leftovers as “edible encores,” but I would draw the line at paying $1,025 for half-eaten French toast, even if they were from Justin Timberlake. However, that’s precisely what a 19-year-old student did when J.T. left his yummies behind after a breakfast interview in New York. The DJ put the toast on eBay, where Summers won a heated bidding war. Yes, a 19-year-old student paid more than $1,000 for leftover French toast. Her parents must be so proud.


John Lennon’s Tooth

Somewhere the Tooth Fairy is worried about job security seeing as John Lennon’s molar sold for more than $31,000 in 2011. Apparently the tooth had been in the family of Lennon’s former housekeeper. Lennon gave it to her to dispose of sometime between 1964 and 1968, but then he suggested she keep the tooth to give to her daughter, who was a big Beatles fan. In the spirit of commerce and Internet auctions, said daughter put it on eBay immediately.


Michael Jackson’s Dirty Underwear

And the award for “Most Disturbing” goes to this one. Not only did someone buy the soiled skivvies of the King of Pop, but they were underwear gathered as evidence during his molestation trials. How much did the Calvin Klein underwear go for? $1 million. I give up.


Brian Jones Swimming Pool Tiles

What’s so weird about selling tiles you may ask? Well, maybe the fact that the tiles came from the swimming pool where Rolling Stones guitarist, Brian Jones, was found dead. We think it’s a little morbid, but Jones fans seem to disagree. The tiles were individually sold, via the Brian Jones Fan Club, for about $210 per 6-inch tile.

A Clump of Elvis Presley’s Hair

It doesn’t really surprise us that an Elvis fan paid $15,000 for a piece of his hair. After all, Elvis fans are some of the most die-hard in history. However, what did surprise us was the fact that someone was willing to shell out that kind of money without proof that it belonged to the King. It turns out the hair was never DNA-tested before the auction.

Andy Warhol’s Wig

While we’re on the topic of hair, we can’t forget to mention the auction for Andy Warhol’s hairpiece. Were well aware that people pay thousands of dollars for a Warhol painting, but paying $10,800 for his wig seems a bit ludicrous. The artist reportedly wore the wig back in the 60s to hide his receding hairline.

Michael Jackson’s Crystal Glove 

Julien’s Auctions annual summer sale took place earlier this summer in Las Vegas. Among the 251 lots of MJ memorabilia up for grabs was his infamous crystal-studded glove, which proved to be the star of the auction. It went for a cool $160,000. While this may seem pricey, back in November a similar glove worn by Jackson in 1983 went for $420,000. We can’t help but wonder if either of these items would’ve done as well if it weren’t for Jacksons untimely death.

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