Come and Change History With Music and Us!!!!!

This is a bit of a different type of post.  Let me begin by thanking each and every one of you that chose to click on this story and read my thoughts, however crazy they may sound at this point.  

Tonight I had a conversation with my SO and told him about a dream that I have: To start a sort of “festival” for lack of a better term, that will bring together EVERYONE THROUGH MUSIC…. Where words fail, Music speaks….. -Hans Christian Andersen 

You may say, “Wow, big dreams little girl!”  To which I would reply, “You may say that I am a dreamer, But I’m not the only one.” -John Lennon

I don’t have any details ironed out as of now, like I stated before, this is just my biggest dream for my life’s legacy: to have left the world a better place than I found it, while bringing the endless joys of music to all that need it!  

In my “Grand Dream’s Plan”, I envision bringing together all people from all walks of life, all colors and all political backgrounds-(all that can act like HUMAN BEINGS and LEARN, LISTEN, AND RESPECT EACH OTHER FOR WHO THEY ARE) and set it all aside to let the love from music heal us!

Sure, call me a hippie, I was born in Boulder, Colorado, but I digress…. There is no denying that music has a very special power. It can bring together even the most unlikely of people…. because after all “I am just a human…. You are just a human……

So all of that craziness said, who thinks that given the right people involved that this might be a cause you would be a part of either in a kickstarter type donation or some other way I may not have even thought of yet?!?!?!

Please let me know what ideas and thought you all have on this once in a lifetime dream coming true!

NOTE: This was inspired by the choices of countless musicians who came before, who dedicated time and risked their own lives to bring music to those who needed it the most at the worst times in human history… wars, famine, drought, natural disasters, and political tyranny and oppression. We all need to do our part, or else we have no right complaining about the end results!

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