Adlib–Bad News On The Highway From The Rebel Hippie Himself About The Terpene Station From Space Kamp!!! (See what I did there?)

Last night I got to talk with Adlib. Check out what this marketing whiz has going on for you real hip hop lovers!

But first I want to tell you guys a little tale about what a fucking true blue, stand-up, loyal, REAL ASS Mother Fucker!

A few years back, I was supposed to be at an Adlib show at a bar in Denver, CO. I had my i.d. stolen, but being the age I am….(we’ll just say I am well over 21) I thought I would be cool… We were with the artist at the door and he said we were his guests even. But they still wouldn’t let me in. So what does Adlib do about this? He proceeds to get up on the bar and do a shout out to anyone they wouldn’t let in (being me!) and then played “Lawless.”

And that is just one story, I won’t get into the time I smoked 4 hits of of a cone and thought I was gonna die I was so high! Anyways, here’s what you came for: ADLIB!!!!!!


So, I saw that you have been taking a while off from touring are you excited to back at it?


Yes I am. I have been doing about 150 shows a year for five years straight. Just before 2018 my father passed away and was expecting our second baby boy with my wife, at the same time taking care of my mother and getting our 5 year ready for kindergarten.. I had to step back and take care of my home and family first always. Now that things have settled I am excited to get back in studio and do some touring.

Do you feel that these events have brought you and your family closer on may levels?


Losing a parent is extremely hard. I do believe that in my personal situation it has brought some family closer together. I’m sure it can go both ways, person to person.

I don’t want this to be a downer interview so let’s get some happier music related questions in….. Can you give me a list of some of your influences outside of hip hop?


I love all kinds of music.. From Bad Brains to Grateful Dead.. Sex Pistols, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Ramones.. I dig Florence and the Machine..I love Hall and Oates too..I dig The Strokes too.. I’m all over the place!

Awesome!!!!!! Now what are the hip hop biggies to you from oldschool to new school?


For me, Cypress Hill and Redman are by far my biggest influences currently I dig Flatbush Zombies, Joey Badass, all of TDE, And my new group Space Kamp!

WTH!!! New group??? Who all is in this group


Me and my buddy’s Split D and Oskee.. We released a album called Terpene Station last year it’s available anywhere you listen to music or Free to download from

Is there an idea for a new Adlib record in the future, or are you really just getting back into the swing of things and playing by ear so to say?


I am planning on releasing new music in 2019 I’m not sure if it will be a album, EP or just singles but I will definitely be releasing new music

Can’t wait! Is there anything else you want to let our readers know about you or what you have going on that we may have missed?


I’ll be touring The US in March and April, and I’ll be in Canada in May.

We also have a new Space Kamp vinyl that is coming out on 7 inch, that we did with Rob The Viking.

Then we have a few videos dropping soon..

You can follow us at:
Spacekamp420 on all social media.

My personal is @adlib420

and please follow @rebel_hippies and check out our websites:


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