Racist Security Guard Needs To Be Fired!

Nakeisha Richardson3 hrs

My daughter who attends Laredo Middle School (Cherry Creek) has been having issues of harrassment and witness intimidation with a security guard named Josh Thomas for over a month! I have gone up to the school and was approached by this Security guard and taken into a room for a “closed door conversation”in which Josh smelled of liquor I immeduately contacted the school district in regards to this inappropriate, and uncomfortable “conversation” as well as had 2 meetings, and spoke with the district about his attacks on my daughter and have been told “that they are looking into it but it is a process” meanwhile he is still reporting to work and having other students pass messages to my daughter. I need your support in passing this message along so the district will start to take this matter serious!! Also these are Pictures of various (public) post he is made on Facebook which only increases my concern not only for my daughters safety but for all students at Laredo Middle School. Please share!!!

Thomas Hernandez shared a post.

31 mins · 

The security guard Josh Thomas Laredo Middle School (LMS) where my step daughter attends and has been harassing her and other students. Please repost this and make it go viral. This guy doesn’t belong in our school system…

He has been intimidating my 12 year old stepdaughter for weeks. When confronted about it by staff he continued and amplified it more. My wife went to the school to make sense of it. He pulled her into a room with my kid and confronted them about the situation with liquor on his breath. Was very intimidating to them both. At what point he xmas break was happening. As soon and my kid came back he was searching the school and asking for my kids location to pick right back up where he left off. At that point my wife and her ex husband went down and also called the news etc. channels 2, 9, and 31.

The following are actual posts by this scum:

ThomasJoshuaSecurity Specialistjthomas90@cherrycreekschools.org720-886-5287

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