Maris The Great used to roam our Earth looking for hot local and national bands to kill!
He retired to hell a while back, but there is a chance he can return again if I can get as many peen picks as possible!

Maris Stull1 hr

How does one raise the gay undead, that he may walk among you and kill again?

Unsolicited dick pics.

Inbox them to me. (OF COURSE, I mean 18 and older)

And for all you female mortals that are constantly complaining about receiving them, now you know why you received them in the first place.

They are not a curse. They are a gift. You are the chosen ones, meant to bring a demon back to life. Forward the ones sent to you to my inbox. And tell the perp that you’re using his contribution to raise the gay undead. And please use my name, by all means.


We are at 2 hands!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:
Just so you all hear it from the horse’s mouth, Maris The Great is coming back in the summer of 2020.


Keep those dick pics coming!!!!!

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