Raiding the Rock Vault Las Vegas Has Some Serious Explaining To Do….

Over the past couple weeks, I have been talking to a couple of people who have brought to my attention a few issues with the well known Las Vegas music show, Raiding The Rock Vault. While where I got the stories is not so important, however what they told me is rather interesting to me.

I have on good authority that the cast of the show has not been paid in over three months! How is it that they will charge you anywhere from $39.00 to $69.00 just for general admission, and anywhere from $89.00 to $109.00 for Preferred and VIP tickets, and then not be able to pay the fucking cast?

As if paying your cast isn’t bad enough, how about we add the fact that racism runs pretty rampant, with one RTRV head actually saying in regards to a 2x Grammy Award winning, and 5x Grammy nominated guitarist Vernon Reid, “I don’t want any n*****s in my show!” I decided to take a look at all the past cast members, and damned if I didn’t see a single person of color anywhere on that stage ever!

First of all, this is Vernon Reid from Living Colour for fuck’s sake. If I had a show made up of mainly former chart toppers, why wouldn’t I want someone as talented and relevant as Vernon to bring a splash of Colour to my little Vegas show in a tiny hole in the wall venue? Besides the fact that it is not 1950 and we don’t call anyone N*****s!

While they are Raiding the Rock Vault, maybe they should look around for their human decency too, they seem to have misplaced it along with their cast’s paychecks.

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