Seth Meyer – 25 Ta Life – “How The Hell Am I Supposed To Follow This?”

Forget what you think you know about 25 Ta Life.
In 2017, Fred Mesk, Seth Meyer, Beto and Mike 141 reformed the band with Stikman from Fury of Five on vocals.  And the rest, as they say, is Hardcore History!

OOO: How has everything been going since you guys reformed 25 Ta Life?

SM: The current line-up of 25 ta Life is actually the longest I have ever been in a band without a lineup change. Everyone is great at what they do and easy to get along with. In most bands, I’d usually be fed up and quit by now. I’m getting a cortisone shot on Monday. I’ve gotten back to drums again since fucking up my wrist. Fred put together a ton of new shit on garage band. We’ve only just begun.

OOO: What does the 25 Ta Life concert rider look like in terms of backstage requirements and amenities?
SM: We aren’t on that kind of level. We have no riders.

OOO: What is the most essential item(s) that you take on the road with you?
SM: Extra clean socks and underwear.

OOO: What goes through your head as you get ready to go on stage before a show? Are you nervous?
SM: Every show is different. I only get nervous if I haven’t played for a while or it’s a really big show. I was nervous as hell at Ieperfest in Belgium when Jasta was playing and had Dino from Fear Factory on guitar doing Fear Factory covers in front of a few thousand people and we were going on right after them. I also hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. We had flown in just for the show. I didn’t even take a day off from work. I was exhausted and thinking “how the hell am I supposed to follow this?” But the crowd was great and so I felt better once we started playing.

OOO: As a child, who did you worship musically, whom you have now shared a stage with since becoming a Hardcore Legend yourself?
SM: I’ve been lucky enough to have played with most of my favorite hardcore bands. But the most surreal moments were when Roger Miret came up on stage once at the Wetlands and once at CBGB’s to sing Crucified with us. And then once in Long Island, I jammed with a bunch of guys some Leeway songs and Eddie Sutton sang them and the place went crazy.

OOO: What show do you wish you could have been at, but you weren’t old enough or maybe not even born yet for?
SM: I wish I could have seen Mozart and his sister Nannerl in the early 1760s when their father took them on tour across Europe or Paganini when he played London in 1831. I wouldn’t waste my pick on any musicians that we have actual recordings of. I wish I could have actually heard the great master play. All we have are what really just people covering them.

OOO: You posted an awesome couple of pictures a while back stating “30 years of Judas Priest shirts!” Being a fan for 30 years, you must have a preference between Halford or Ripper?
SM: Ripper was a great singer and his live album was incredible but the studio albums were unlistenable because the vocal lines just didn’t work. Rob could write a hook. The ability to write great vocals lines is just as important as the delivery of them. Ripper wasn’t the full package.

OOO: What is one thing you wanted as a kid but never got, that you would shell out some real dough to get today?
SM: I don’t know. Anything I would shell out some real dough for today isn’t something I wanted as a kid.

OOO: I read that you studied Political Science at the College of Staten Island. Does that background come into play at all in your musical career?
SM: I don’t think so. It was my major in college and what I have my BA in but looking back, I wish I would have just stayed a music major. That’s how I started but it was a 5-year program and I wanted to graduate as fast as I could so I switched to a major I could overload in classes with. I graduated in 3.5 years. But I was also anti-social and was refusing to play with the other students. I once took an electronic music class and for the final, we had to pair up with another student and write and record a piece of electronic music. The kid I got paired with sucked. I couldn’t work with him. I refused to put my name on the piece of music and I wound up not showing up for the final. I would have rather failed the class than put my name on that piece. But I got lucky and the equipment wasn’t working and they couldn’t fix it and everyone’s music was lost. I wound up with an A in the class.

OOO: Who has the best live show in HC? Why?
SM: Murphy’s Law. It’s not just a show. It’s like a giant celebration. No band on Earth is capable of bringing the vibe that they bring.

OOO: Who has the best live show Not in HC? Why?
SM: I can’t name one. There’s just too much. And if we are talking about current-day, then I really don’t know because I don’t get out much. The bands that put on the best shows that I have seen were Metallica, Judas Priest, almost anything with Mike Patton, I’ve seen John Zorn put on some top-notch shows but he was always hit or miss, Slayer with Hanneman was untouchable. BB King, Chuck Berry had the most diverse crowd I had ever seen. Every type of person you could think of, old and young were there. That was great to see. Plus, he was 80 years old running around the stage with more energy than more 30-year olds.

OOO: Who is your all-time favorite band outside of HC?
SM: Either Metallica or Black Sabbath.

OOO: You posted on Facebook: Seth Meyer January 24 at 1:14 PM · Random person: Can you play some Billy Joel Me: Sorry but I only play good music. I totally agree, but why do you hate Billy Joel?
SM: I don’t hate him but I also don’t like his music at all, specifically the vocals. I just get annoyed at people requesting Piano Man when I sit down at a piano. It’s the most basic request you could make.

OOO: Name a song that has everything needed for a song to be great, i.e. lyrics and music are just right.
SM: I don’t really think any specific element is needed for a song to be great. Look at You Suffer by Napalm Death. I couldn’t even begin to describe why that song is great. It just is. The main thing is when you finish listening to it, do you want to listen to it again? If you do, then it’s probably great. Plenty of songs with good lyrics, nonsensical lyrics and no lyrics at all fall into that category.

OOO: Did you love that song from day one? Or did it have to grow on you?
SM: I didn’t name a specific song but I definitely have songs that have grown on me and are now my favorites. When South of Heaven first came out, I was very disappointed because it wasn’t the fast Slayer I was used to. But after I kept listening to it, it gradually became my favorite Slayer album.

OOO: What is the Worst song you have ever heard in your life?
SM: My guess is that it was so bad that I can’t remember and I never heard it again because everyone else hated it too.

OOO: What is the Best song you have ever heard in your life?
SM: I can’t say any song is the best but my favorite is Fade to Black by Metallica and it has been since I was 10 years old. I was in 5th grade and this kid was trying to tell me that it was fucked up to have a song about wanting to kill yourself and people shouldn’t listen to it. I hadn’t really put much thought into the lyrics before that but him telling me I was wrong for listening to it made wear it as a badge of honor. I started singing the lyrics at him and everyone thought I was fucked up. It just encouraged me. And that song has also been with me at many other times in my life. I even recorded my own hardcore version of it. So, a lot is sentimental. It’s hard to separate the emotional connection someone has with music and look at it objectively.

OOO: What is your mental equivalent of a G-spot? Who or what reaches it?
SM: It’s the writing process. When I hit the spot where I know I have something great going on and I’m stuck in that moment. I usually take what I have and listen to it on a loop while thinking about what to do next. That whole process is my favorite part of music.

OOO: I am also doing musicians and their tattoos/fans tattoos comp. story and would love to include any 25 Ta Life tattoos or you guy’s personal ink. Let me know!
SM: I think Stikman is the guy you would want to talk to about that.

Most _________ Songs List By Seth Meyer

Most Sad song:
Ashes by Sheer Terror.

Most Romantic song:
Anything from the album Nathaniel Merriweather presents Lovage Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.

Most Angry song:
Anything by Neglect.

Most Energetic song:
Most of the songs from ROIR Bad Brains sessions would do it. Attitude. Banned in DC.

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