7 Mindful Organizations For Musicians & Their Mental Health

Seeing how you are here reading this article-repost, to tell you a little bit about something we are very big on here: Mental Health…

I run a lifestyle/underground music blog, with a focus on ending stigmas about mental health and other serious traumas that need to be addressed, and in sharing the P.M.A. that it takes to get all around “well”, and the methods we encounter on the journey.
I ensure that my site is a “safe place” for musicians to come and talk about themselves and their struggles and wins without having a fear of any backlash from my community while at the same time, being able to interact with their fans. I moderate all comments and never censor the artists!
So many people draw so much strength from music, and I know I am not the only fan that would love to hear the real-life stories straight from the Healers in their own words!

And now the Output.com article: “7 Mindful Organizations For Musicians & Their Mental Health”

Artists and industry leaders are coming together far and wide this May for Mental Health Awareness Month to share their stories and raise awareness. We at Output want to shine a light on 7 outstanding organizations making a difference in support of music makers and their mental wellness.

1. We Rise LA

An epic pop-up arts & wellness initiative bringing together movers & shakers to spark a national discourse on mental healthcare as a civil right. Free for all ages and to the public with over 80 hours of programming with panels and workshops, a full-fledged We Rise Art Gallery, Community Stage welcoming artists like Common and Kehlani, and an Art Lab to commune and turn ideas into action. The festival and gallery is open until June 10 – so make sure to show your support and cruise over before it’s wrapped.

2. Silence The Shame

Silence The Shame is an initiative founded by music industry veteran Shanti Das under her Hip-Hop Professional Foundation. Sharing her own experience growing up without her father who attempted a successful suicide at an early age, Shanti hopes to peel back the layers of shame and stigma surrounding mental health. 

Wellness Tip: Sharing is caring! Find a community of fellow musicians and collaborate on a project together or just share your music. We love this ‘Music For Mediation’ project by the folks at disquiet. 

3. MusiCares

The Recording Academy’s charity MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares’ services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical, and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.

4. The WishArt Group

The Wishart Group was founded by Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos to create and house nonprofit and for-profit services and programs and build programs for musicians to develop solutions for communities in need, such as donating intellectual property and revenue streams to institutions. Changing the tune, The Wishart Group is encouraging artists to speak up and encourage one another with services that directly impact artists.View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

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“We need to help musicians develop a system for themselves. [Artists] should try something different that shows, ‘We care about ourselves.’ Talking doesn’t work, I wish it did. You act.” – Michael Angelakos

5. Nuçi’s Space

Their vision is to end the epidemic of suicide and to inspire a culture free of the stigma attached to brain illnesses and its sufferers by supporting a community-wide effort that focuses on education, prevention and access to appropriate treatment. With a focus on musicians, Nuçi’s Space advocates for and helps to alleviate the suffering for those living with a brain illness and fights to end the stigma of mental illness.

PC: Vice Media

“A creative mind is just a lot more temperamental. I think they feel things differently, sometimes more deeply.” – Phillip, Nuci’s Space

6. Phantogram x American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

The New York-based electro-pop group Phantogram dropped two cuts with 100% of their proceeds going towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention after singer Sarah Barhel’s sister Becky took her life a couple years ago.

“We’ve learned that when you reach out, people reach back. The stories we’ve all shared with each other have helped fend off feelings of isolation, building an ongoing community that will continue together to break down stigmas and a tendency toward silence.” – Sarah Barthel, Phantogram

7. Music Minds Matter

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Music Minds Matter is a support line and service for the whole UK music community. The charity has provided help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives. Their mission is to create a sustainable future for all musicians and the industry and works in partnership to transform the music industry through advocacy, campaigning, programs and targeted investment for all those within it.

In 2016, Help Musicians UK commissioned the University of Westminster and MusicTank to undertake the largest known study into the working conditions of musicians.

(as seen on output.com)

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