8 Questions With NYHC’s Bob Riley

Let me start by saying thank you so very much for taking some time to talk to me for my blog. We are a Lifestyle and Entertainment blog with a focus on mental health and being a safe place to air your views and not feel like you will be censored in any way. It started out as just underground music but we have branched out into a much larger and more greatly needed area. I want to de-stigmatize trauma and mental health situations in the music community and bring them together with fans that truly are in need of someone who has maybe been there too! But, enough about me, we are here to talk to you, Mr. Bob Riley himself!

I want to give our readers a list of all the bands you have been part of (even if it was for one show) Final Terror, Stigmata, Murderer’s Row ……

BR: Displaced Aggression, Cranial Abuse, Final Terror, Stigmata, Murderers Row, the Blackhand Syndicate

Who are your favorite non-hardcore musical loves?

BR: The Temptations, the Little River Band, Bee-Gees, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Motorhead, Foghat, Sam and Dave, David Allan Coe, the Misfits   

What is your most prized 7″?

BR: My Misfits 7"s

What is your most prized 12″?

BR: My signed David Allan Coe lp, Signed Cro-Mags the age of quarrel, Straight Ahead original white cover 12"

What was the most difficult collectible you have managed to obtain on your list of “memorabilia you hope to someday own”?

BR: Stimulators 3 song 7"

What elements about the Golden Days of Hardcore have changed that you wish had not?

BR: Bands even though similar still had their own sound look. Originality is rare nowadays.

Now I want to steer a bit into a serious topic if you don’t mind…..
Earlier this year, Todd Youth passed sadly, not able to overcome his inner demons.
There has been a sad repeating cycle in society, where we try and cover up or ignore, or even stigmatize and shun, those with mental issues, such as depression and substance abuse.
Do you have any advice for anyone else out there readibg this, for how to maybe reach out to a friend or any PMA to share?

BR: I've lost my share of friends as we all have. You can reach out to a person as much as you like but sadly if they do not want to be helped there is nothing you can do for them.

In the AF:the godfathers documentary, the world was exposed to Roger’s heart issues….
On Facebook, via being friends with Jimmy G, he was in the hospital for a good chunk of time this year as well. I am forever overjoyed that they are both doing well now, but we can’t deny that age and time are mother fuckers.
As a fan I can say that you all are THE GODFATHERS and I keep saying “No,no,no. You can’t hurt those guys….” Forgetting that you guys are all just human dudes, not superheroes.
Do you have any tricks you use to stay happy, healthy and hardcore, Mr. Bob Riley?

BR: I just try to stay positive and happy. We all have a limited time on this planet. Love your family and friends unconditionally. And tell them how much you love them everyday in every way. Smile and have fun.( :

(I do not own any credits on the photos)

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