This Week in Vinyl: How do I pick vinyl?

Great article, I am going to share this one!

Vertical Separation

Someone asked me recently what I look for when I buy records. This is a great question. Being a relatively new vinyl addict, I’ve put a fair bit of thought into how to build a thoughtful, well rounded record collection.

I like to think of listening to music on vinyl as something of a return to simpler times. A way to be engaged with the music that you love in a more tangible and connected way. An excuse to put down your phone and be unplugged from the digital world.

When searching for a new record, the first thing I’m looking for is a sentimental connection. Does this record or this band mean something to me? And if that’s the case, can it be found in an original or vintage pressing? And of course, can I reasonably afford that? It doesn’t necessarily have to be vintage, but I think those…

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