Lock Up Your Boyfriend’s And Husbands…. Because Lord Maris The Great Is Back And On The Hunt!

By S.M. Walsh Maris The Great is the putrid, high commander of the gay undead and lead singer for his band, The Faggots Of Death. After initially reanimating in 2000, he terrorized the streets of Denver for the next 15 years - ultimately causing the bloody demise of over 120 bands, both local and national. …

Guess Who Is Back Writing?

Motherfucking Rite Hook! He shared this with us today, check it out. Staying true to form with his unrivaled sound and style, he shows the true meaning of "flowing" when he drops a track. He doesn't need the bullshit auto-tune that you can't get away from on mainstream artist's tracks. That coupled with the how …

Gary Holt — Mic Drop Time — Again!

You all remember when Exodus/Slayer guitarist Gary Holt wore the 'Kill The Kardashians' shit in response to the Jenner pollutant wearing a Slayer shirt right? Well, Mr. Holt has verbally bitch-slapped yet another of the toxic sludge that populates today's music scene. "So this little rainbow brite asshole, this piece of shit, this SNITCH, wants …

KURT COBAIN’s ‘MTV Unplugged In New York’ Cardigan Sold For Record $334,000

October 26, 2019  Kurt Cobain of Nirvana during the taping of MTV Unplugged at Sony Studios in New York City, 11/18/93. Photo by Frank Micelotta. Julien's Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house, held its marquee two-day music auction event "Icons & Idols: Rock 'N' Roll" on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 live in Hard Rock …

KISS’s GENE SIMMONS Celebrates 70th Birthday Onstage In Saratoga Springs (Video)

August 25, 2019  KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons celebrated his 70th birthday last night (Saturday, August 24) onstage during the band's concert in Saratoga Springs, New York. Fan-filmed video footage of the crowd singing 'Happy Birthday" to the iconic rocker can be seen below. Earlier this year, Simmons — whose actual birthday is August 25 — admitted in an interview with …

VINNIE PAUL’s Grave Marker Now Comes With Protective Cover (Photo)

June 10, 2019  A new photo of Vinnie Paul Abbott's grave marker next to that of his brother, PANTERAguitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, can be seen below (courtesy of DrummerBart). The picture shows what appears to be a protective cover over Vinnie Paul's marker, presumably placed there to guard the grave from vandalism. Vinnie Paul's grave marker was officially installed on …

Recording LP’s

imho (in my [most] humble opinion)

After digitizing my entire 700+ record collection to lossless FLAC/ALAC MP4 files, here are a few lessons learned about recording LPs old and new:
[VinylStyl 45 singles and LP cleaner and rinse units]


    For cleaning old LPs my best results come from washing with a commercial vinyl solution – like those from Mo-fi, then rinsing with distilled water. Dump the distilled water every 20 lps or so and use fresh distilled water. For brand new LPs or really clean old LPs I just use the distilled water to wash off the dust. Let the LP air dry the rest of the way. Distilled water leaves no residue. If I want to play the LP right away, I blot off the water drops from both sides, put the record on the platter still damp, turn on the power and watch the record spin until all of the water has evaporated. The…

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Teens, marijuana and depression

Mike Schlossberg - Author

A friend of mine was kind enough to flag this article for me, and it brings up some points that I really think are worth exploring.

As a debate over legalizing marijuana continues across the country – and in Pennsylvania – a new study draws a connection (not a casualtional one, however) between teen marijuana use and depression.

From the NBC report on the study:

Researchers found that cannabis use during the teenage years was associated with a nearly 40 percent bump in the risk of depression and a 50 percent increase in the risk of suicidal thoughts in adulthood, according to the study, published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry.

The report does note that this isn’t to say marijuana causes depression (though that may, in fact, be the case). It’s possible that the depression encourages marijuana use, or that a third factor (such as economics, anxiety, stress, etc) cause…

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10 Singers Who Have Opened Up About Bipolar Disorder & Depression

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that affects roughly six million Americans — or 3% of our population. Also known as manic-depressive disorder or manic depression, the condition is characterized by dramatic shifts in mood and energy, swinging from low/depressive episodes to high/manic ones — cycling episodes that for many bipolar sufferers are so …

Top Tips: How to Keep Your Head in Check While Making Music

Loved this

6/8 Music Blog

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

The work of musicians is undeniably tough. Take it from me: my senior year of college saw me spending countless hours locked away in studios, barely regarding my own humanity, for the sole purpose of churning out the perfect project that would earn me an A (or at the very least, a passing grade) in my Studio Techniques courses. Unfortunately, even as years have passed, I’ve carried a bit of that I-Am-Superwoman-I-Run-On-Sheer-Power-Of-Will nonsense with me into my production process for good. I’m not proud of this, and I recognize the fact that these habits are terrible for my overall health. However, on my better days, I keep a list handy of all the things that help me out when I’m making music (or doing any kind of mentally challenging work, for that matter). Here are some of the most important things to remember when…

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Making Music At Home, How To Start

Great article!

The No Niche' Blogger

audio business computer connection Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, let me start off by saying that I am an amateur in every sense of the word.  My brain is like a frenzy of thoughts and focus is REALLY hard for me.  For whatever reason, when it comes to remembering the simplest of things, I FAIL time and time again.  I am really not sure why this is but being over 40, I am beginning to suspect that I have a brain dysfunction.  I mean, I am still functional but so many times, when something I said or did gets pointed out to me, I feel like the worlds biggest dumbass.

Now when it comes to music, I feel like a fraud.  Not a fraud in that I rip off other people’s music, I would NEVER do that unless it comes to loops which are a shared source and meant to be used by…

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Music Production 101: The Limiter

Great article!

Musician's Odyssey

The limiter is an essential tool in the mastering phase, and has a role at other stages of music production as well.

Increasing overall loudness and preventing overload of a signal are the two main functions of the limiter, but how do you dial it in?

If you are already familiar with compression, then you’ll see that the limiter is like the ultra-buff big brother of the compressor.

Simple as that.

A Compressor on Steroids

It’s actually essential that you understand compression before approaching the limiter.

Read my in-depth explanation of compression here: Music Production 101: Compression

Once you’re comfortable with the principles of compression, limiting is really a breeze!

That’s because the limiter is just a juiced-up compressor.

With a compressor, if a sound approaches the threshold, there is some negotiating and compromise.

“Oh, you want to cross the threshold? Ok, well, ummmm … how about by…

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The Stages of Music Production: From Noodling to Mastering

well done!

Musician's Odyssey

People involved in music production bat around the terms mixing and mastering a lot. What do they mean, and how do they fit into the overall process of producing a song?

As an independent or self-produced musician, can you take some liberty and consolidate or be more efficient in any of the stages of music production?

A Total N00b

Soon after I started college in the early 2000’s, I worked part-time as a custodian, and began buying cheap stuff to build my first home studio set-up.

I produced some awful sounding recordings, even though my ideas were pretty good. At one point I sent some of my tracks to a guy I connected to back home in Atlanta who was really starting to gain traction as an audio engineer.

“Hey, man, could you tell me how much it would cost for you to mix/master my songs?”, I innocently asked.


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The Healing Power of Music


Golightly Girls

judaspriest-fans-DW-Kultur-Berlin-jpg“Music is the healing force of the universe”  Albert Ayler

I recently had the incredible experience of interviewing loyal fans at a legendary rock concert.  Out on the concert floor before the start of the show, the crowd was building as I pulled individuals to the side, one by one, with my tiny handheld zoom cam.

Surprised at first by my initial contact, most were eager to hear me out and willing to be part of the project.  Yes, they would answer my questions for the band and yes they were true FANS of the band.  Ok, so this would be a fun adventure.  I imagined all the thought-provoking answers and interesting spins on the new album, excitement over the upcoming performance, and a myriad of loyal fan perspectives on all things music related.

Boy, did I have another thing comin.

What I did not foresee during this hour…

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April 11th National Eight Track Tape Day

Far out!

Unboxing the Bizarre™

Come on admit it it! If you are old as I am you probably still have an eight track tape of one or two of the artists you thought you could never replace. Here again, if you are like me you no longer have a working eight track tape player so the cartridge is useless but you still can’t bring yourself to throw away that tape because, well, it’s a memory you sort of like to be reminded of.

images (1)

For those younger folks, it was a storage unit for the music you liked to listen to. It was small enough that you could actually have a player in your car instead of having to wait until you got home to listen to your favorite band. It was created by a man named William Lear and I m sure that he ended up very wealthy.


It definitely is a 60’s and…

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TWISTED SISTER’s ‘Blissfully Retired’ Guitarist JAY JAY FRENCH Has ‘No Desire’ To Play Again

TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French says that he is "blissfully retired" from playing music, more than two years after the band completed its farewell tour. In 2016, TWISTED SISTER embarked on one final trek, titled "Forty And Fuck It", in celebration of its 40th anniversary. These shows featured the band's "core lineup" of Jay Jay French, singer Dee Snider, guitarist Eddie Ojeda and bassist Mark …



Vinyl Record Collector's Information and blog

Guidelines for assessing the grading / condition of used records (based on Goldmine Grading for Records)

MINT (M): Perfect! This record looks like it has just left the manufacturer, with NO flaws what so ever. It looks as though it had never been handled. No scuffs or scratches, blotches or stains. No stickers address labels, writing on the covers or labels. No tears or seam splits. No wear to the cover or record period! Age of the record has nothing to do with it.

NEAR MINTorNM,M-: this record appears virtually flawless A very minor scuff and very little else can appear on the vinyl. It should play without any noise over the flaw. The flaw is very hard to see. The cover looks as close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and or age. Minor impressions to the cover (due to the…

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Glossary for Vinyl Collectors

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Vinyl Record Collector's Information and blog

An explanation of the abbreviations used in the domain of collecting vinyl records.


7″means a 7-inch diameter, the smallest diameter used for vinyl records, mainly used for singles, although 7″ EP’s do exist. Mostly recorded at 45rpm, but some older UK records have been recorded at 33 1/3 RPM


10″10-inch the medium diameter of records, mainly used for EP


12″12-inch (~31cm) the largest diameter for records, mainly used for LP’s, although 12″ singles exist, so-called maxi-singles.


BJBlank Jacket (cover(

B/W”backed with” or “B-side with” and refers to the b-side of a single


CCCut Corner

CDMLa chante du Monde

CH: Cut Hole

CNDClub National du Disque

COCut Out, deleted item that has been saw cut, clipped or drilled by the record company to prevent it being sold as full price product.


DFLes Discophiles Francais

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Sure Know Something – Kiss

I love that unplugged!

Steve For The Deaf

In a twist befitting the most Halloween-y of plots, the ultimate Kiss cover version for Halloween 2017 is a version of Kiss doing Kiss.

In 1996 Kiss and many of their fans considered the disco era a bit of an unmentionably uncool blip in a hard rock history that went from proto-metal in NYC in the 70’s to Stadium rock titans 30 years later.

Everything from the debut album up to Rock and Roll Over was fair game. So too was Lick It Up onwards. The forbidden zone in the middle there was roundly ignored by all but the bands detractors.

Then fans started asking for I Was Made For Loving You to be slipped back into the live set. There was a resurgence in interest for Is That You and Torpedo Girl. These songs took on a retro cool the mid 90’s were all about. If we could get…

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Far Out Factory–Adult Funhouse

Pop-ups have officially become a millennial cultural fixture — at least in Denver. This weekend’s Far Out Factory was no exception. Sponsored by O.penVape and Meow Wolf and in conjunction with Two Parts, the immersive art and music experience inspired by cannabis took over the Denver Rock Drill for one night only, bringing with it …

D.D. Verni (Overkill) Premieres “Night Of The Swamp King” Music Video

bad assed I had not even heard about this project thanks for the info!!!!

Metal Anarchy

Overkill songwriter and bassist D.D. Verni has premiered a new video for his new song “Night Of The Swamp King.” This track is from his new solo album “Barricade,” which will be released on October 12. Verni commented:

“The song and video really show parts of all the stuff that I love, it’s a doom/bluesy kind of tune and then a horror movie video…what could go together better!”

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