This just in hot from the lines in Hell: Maris Stull 11 mins ·  Feeling good today. The first glimmers that the Faggots of Death may perform next year have come about. We'll see, but right now it's heading in the right direction.


Spiral Cell/Scott Uhl Interview

It seems that no matter what genre or lack there of Scott Uhl tackles, he seems to never disappoint.  From Glass Delirium and tattooed Strings, or maybe it's with Ninety Percent 90's, whatever it may be you ain't heard shit til you check out SPIRAL CELL!!!! I can start by saying I have been a …


    Since 2008, the hardcore underground music scene has been assaulted blow, by devastating blow, by JON ALVINO (VINO), JAY SHEDLIN, NICK JONES, CASSIE BEGAY, and MIKE TULEY of Colorado’s own FINAL BLOW.  We caught up with they guys at 2014’s 4/20 VAPORFEST for a hardcore update. OO: What projects are you currently involved …